One of reasons Homestead is so incredible is because of its remarkable volunteers. Please help us continue the tradition this school year by volunteering – there are many opportunities to choose from!  This year has many ongoing changes, please reach out to any of the contacts below for more information or if you are interested in volunteering. If you have any questions, please contact the Homestead Volunteer Coordinator, Kelly Kane,  

PTCO Board Name (2020-21) PTCO Email Address
President Sr. Kelly Lewis presidenthomesteadptco@gmail.com
President Jr. Amy Anderson presidenthomesteadptco@gmail.com
Vice Presidents (Fundraising) Sr. Sarah Huston homesteadptcovp@gmail.com
Vice Presidents (Fundraising) Jr. Lisa Stang homesteadptcovp@gmail.com
Secretary Christie Gammil secrhomesteadptco@gmail.com
Treasurer Sr. Lara Girtin treashomesteadptco@gmail.com
Treasurer Jr. Krissie Marotto treashomesteadptco@gmail.com
Communications Courtney Malnati commhomesteadptco@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator Kelly Kane volcoorhomesteadptco@gmail.com
Events Coordinator Tina Parks eventshomesteadptco@gmail.com
Community Outreach Sr/Board Blythe Leinwand community.outreach.homestead@gmail.com
Community Outreach Jr Non-Board Jill Ellsworth community.outreach.homestead@gmail.com
Garden Coordinator Lezlie Roosa gardenhomesteadptco@gmail.com
Event Coordinators Name (2020-21) PTCO Email Address
Bingo Coordinator 1 Bethany Evans bingohomesteadptco@gmail.com
Bingo Coordinator 2 tbd bingohomesteadptco@gmail.com
Fall Festival Coordinator 1 Ashley Pennick Homesteadfallfestival@gmail.com
Fall Festival Coordinator 2 Meaghan Hall Homesteadfallfestival@gmail.com
Homestead Dash Coordinator 1 Olivia Phillips homesteaddash@gmail.com
Homestead Dash Coordinator 2 Christina Williams homesteaddash@gmail.com
Fundraising Coordinator 1 Melissa Gilkison msgilkison@yahoo.com
Fundraising Coordinator 2 Jenny Blackburn jenniferannblackburn@gmail.com
Mornings with Mom/Dad Coordinator Melissa Gilkison muffinsdonutshomesteadptco@gmail.com
Innovation Corrdinator 1 Julie Wolfson innovationhomesteadptco@gmail.com
Innovation Corrdinator 2 Cindy Gorski Cyngorski@gmail.com
Scholastic Book Fairs Brianna Gass briannagass@yahoo.com
Spirit Week Lindsay Hogan
Kristin Middlebrooks
Melissa Long
Skate City Night Allison Dipaulo gilla21@gmail.com
Project Coordinators Name (2020-21) PTCO Email Address
Buzz Book Christy Nedved cnedved10@gmail.com
School-Pak/School Supplies Jackie Gavi jackiegavi@msn.com
Newcomers Sarah Muniz homesteadptconewcomers@gmail.com
Newcomers Tiffany Flemming homesteadptconewcomers@gmail.com
School Sign 1 Christy Serenyi christyserenyi@gmail.com
School Sign 2 Kori Lawless kori.lawless@gmail.com
Spirit Wear Lauren Francis homestead.spiritwear@gmail.com
Yearbook Courtney Malnati courtney.malnati@gmail.com
Colorado Teacher of the Year Amber Brown honoringhomesteadteachers@gmail.com
Staff Appreciation 1 Haley Evans staffapprechomesteadptco@gmail.com
Staff Appreciation 2 Kelly Couch staffapprechomesteadptco@gmail.com
Conference Dinners Anne Marie Hukriede amhbuffs@gmail.com
Conference Dinners Heather Prier heatherprier@gmail.com
Integrated Arts Coordinators Name (2020-21) PTCO Email Address
Art Coordinator 1 Aditi Desai artscoorhomesteadptco@gmail.com
Art Coordinator 2 Sarah Muniz
Music Coordinator Jen Miller jen.owen.miller@gmail.com
Music Coordinator (Choir) McKay Pittman pittmanmckay@gmail.com
Health/Wellness Coordinator Brooke Rebstock brooke.rebstock@gmail.com
Grade Level Coordinators Teacher (2020-21) PTCO Email Address
Kindie Paterson homesteadkindiecoordinators@gmail.com
1st Palumbo homestead1stgradecoordinators@gmail.com
2nd Scott homestead2ndgradecoordinator@gmail.com
3rd Hayes homestead3rdgradecoordinator@gmail.com
4th Fishbach homestead4thgradecoordinators@gmail.com
5th Brink homestead5thgradecoordinators@gmail.com
Special Grade Level Events Name (2020-21) PTCO Email Address
2nd Grade Musical Evyan Maniatis evyanm@gmail.com
Erica Jennings etjennings@icould.com
Kristin Middlebrooks colorado757@gmail.com
5th Grade Continuation Jill Martini jillmm06@gmail.com
Christianna Politis nanza18@hotmail.com