Homestead Garden

Through the generous support and dedication of many parents and community members, our Homestead Garden has become a memorable place where students grow and experience science (and art) in a whole new way. The garden’s purpose is to allow students to build connections between healthy gardens and healthy bodies and to foster curiosity and imagination while inspiring a sense of stewardship of the environment. 

We plant several times throughout the year including Fall, Spring and Early Summer.  Although the garden takes a break in the winter, the learning still continues indoors as our Hawks grow herbs and vegetables with our hydroponic garden tower offering the opportunity to learn fascinating skills such as hand pollination.  

Each week, students are eager to help with Garden Club during recess time and assist with daily garden care and maintenance projects.  Every month, our students get to enjoy the garden through class projects and grade level curriculum days with on hands-on learning.  

In order for our garden program to continue to ‘grow’ and inspire our students, we need your help!  Please contact us at for volunteer opportunities or you can sign up to water the garden or assist with the weekly Garden Club program.  We appreciate your help…click below for more information and to sign-up.  

Please Click Here to Help Water Our Garden! 

We Need YOU…Click Here to Help With Garden Club!