Money Handling Procedures

2020-2021 Co-Treasurers:
Lara Girtin – All expenses, invoices and reimbursements
(720) 878-1865 or
Krissie Marotto – All deposits, grocery certificate income
(415) 505-2144 or

Cash and Check Collection:
All cash and checks are given to Lara for deposit. Please make sure of the following:

  • All checks are properly completed and made out to “Homestead PTCO” not Homestead Elementary.
  • Count total dollar amount of checks and number of checks (use supporting forms if needed).
  • All staples are removed.
  • Check that the memos are completed with appropriate event (i.e., Buzz Book, Bingo, etc).
  • Fill out PTCO Deposit Form online on PTCO website or found in PTCO box in the school office.
  • Please put all cash in bundles of 25 bills and complete the separate cash reconciliation sheet.
  • Deposit totals must be double-checked.
  • Please leave the deposit in the locked deposit box in the main office, or arrange a meeting with Krissie to hand-off the deposit.

Online Collection (Cheddar Up):
Ideally, all events are set-up for payment via Cheddar Up and participants are encouraged to use CheddarUp for payment. Please make sure of the following:

  • Provide event specifics to Krissie one week or more in advance of desired collection start date.
  • Provide Krissie with approval to “publish” the link or request changes to the signup.
  • Updates are provided to committee chairs on payments that have been made once a week from start date of sign up to closing of sign up.
  • Once the sign up is closed, Krissie transfers the event income from Cheddar Up to the PTCO bank account and records the transaction in QuickBooks.

When committee chairs want the option of credit card payment at an event, please make sure of the following:

  • Request the swipe devices from Krissie at least one week in advance of the event.
  • Lara will monitor and report on payments during the event.
  • Once the event is over, Krissie transfers the event income from Cheddar Up to the PTCO bank account and records the transaction in QuickBooks.

Reimbursement and Invoices:
All reimbursement requests and invoices are to be given to Lara for processing. Please make sure of the following:

  • Fill out a PTCO Reimbursement Request Form online at the PTCO website or found in the PTCO box in the front office.
  • Attach all receipts and be specific regarding the reason for the request. i.e., “Carnival dunk tank invoice, “Colorado Days – classroom project expenses.”
  • Leave the form in the treasurer’s box or make arrangements with Debbie for drop off.
  • All reimbursements will be to the PTCO treasurer shelf next in the front office unless otherwise requested. Please provide instruction on form.

Cash Boxes:
Prior to an event, please arrange with Krissie or Lara to get the cash needed for the event. We have records from previous years to help. Arrange for a volunteer at the beginning and the end of the event to be responsible for getting cash boxes to the treasurers, as it is a requirement that both treasurers be located in a central, isolated location during the duration of the event with any cash.