PTCO Board for 20-21 School Year

We are pleased to announce the official slate for the Homestead Elementary PTCO Board for 2020-2021.  Thank you to all who voted and supported our board members!

Co-President:  Kelly Lewis
Co-President:  Amy Anderson
Co-Vice President:  Sarah Huston
Co-Vice President: Lisa Stang
Co-Treasurer:  Lara Girtin
Co-Treasurer:  Krissie Marotto
Volunteer Coordinator:  Kelly Kane
Communications:  Courtney Malnati
Events Coordinator:  Tina Parks
Community Outreach:  Blythe Leinwand
Garden Coordinator:  Lezlie Roosa
Secretary: Christie Gammill

This year is unlike any other we’ve had and we are committed to working with you to  make it a year to remember!  Thank you all for your continued support!