Interested in becoming more involved at Homestead next school year? We are looking for volunteers and would love to hear from you! If you are interested in any of the following volunteer positions, please email Elizabeth at volcoorhomesteadptco@gmail.com as soon as possible to discuss the opportunities in greater detail.

📚 1. Library Coordinator: Work with our librarian to create SignUp Geniuses to recruit and organize volunteers to help in our library. This will be a great opportunity to learn first hand about all of the exciting new things happening in our new innovation space. Work is flexible and done on your own time.
🎼 2. Music Coordinator: Work with our music teacher to recruit additional volunteers as needed to support activities in the music room (this does not include the 2nd Grade Musical which has its own volunteers slated). No musical knowledge required but folks with kiddos in choir often enjoy having this role.
🍎 3. Teacher of the Year: Every year Homestead honors one of its amazing teachers at an assembly in the spring. Help collect letters nominating teachers and letting them know how they have gone above and beyond for their students, and then help present the award at the assembly. This job is a great one because it is focused entirely on honoring our amazing teachers!